Movement and architecture

Dancing in the rebuilt Neues Museum and on the waving steel sheets of Frank Gehry, freerunning in Copenhagen and skateboarding in a run-down housing estate. Keeping off the grass in Eastern Hungary and jumping on the roof in the Hudson Valley. Starchitects, bloodthirsty pensioners, and a hidden camera. Why do Danish traceurs want to move to a playground and why don?t Józsa skaters just go back to theirs? Poetic images, graceful motions, the delicate play of the muscles. Take your skateboards and sod off or I?ll get my axe.

Dialogue 09 – Neues Museum (Sasha Waltz) – 29th March, 19:00 and 1st April, 19:00
Gyönyör (Noémie Lafrance) – 29th March, 19:00 and 1st April, 19:00
Reakciók (Gutema Dávid, Mikulán Dávid) – 30th March, 20:30
Az én játszóterem (Kaspar Astrup Schröder) – 30th March, 20:30

Related program: László Végh?s photo exhibition, Yamakasi in the cinema?s foyer.