Dialogue 09 – Neues Museum

2009, 53 mins, colour, German, with Hungarian subtitles
D: Sasha Waltz

Ten years after the legendary Dialogue project in the Jewish Museum in 1999, Sasha Waltz is dedicating another great work to a significant new museum building in Berlin: The New Museum on the Museum Island finds itself at a particular moment of transition, after almost 10 years of reconstruction under the direction of David Chipperfield Architects. Directly after the constructional completion of the building and before the exhibits from the Egyptian Museum and the papyrus collection, as well as the exhibits from the museums for prehistory and early history of Berlin’s state museums will move into the renovated rooms, it will facilitate an extraordinary temporary “exhibition”. With 70 dancers, musicians and singers Sasha Waltz is exploring the still empty rooms of the multi-layered building: the artistic inauguration of the New Museum Berlin.

29th March, 19:00
1st April, 19:00