2008, 9 mins, b/w, American short film with Hungarian subtitles
D: Noémie Lafrance

Rapture Film is a short-film celebrating the architecture of Frank Gehry in movement. Dancers defying gravity and scale rush up and down the hills of a metallic desert against the sky?s backdrop. Set atop the undulating rooftops of the Frank Gehry-designed Fisher Center, Rapture features six dancers retained by ropes performing on the outside surface of the building, superimposing their bodies to the architecture in a sensual and dynamic choreography evoking the epic setting. This ground-breaking series (The Rapture Series), by visionary site-specific artist Noémie Lafrance, features unique dance installations for each building in response to its architecture. First performed on the Fisher Center building in 2008, the nine Rapture performances form a series of public works bringing elements of choreography, architecture, contemporary arts and film together in a new artistic hybrid.

29th March, 19:00
1st April, 19:00