Everyday life of buildings

The HQ of B&B Italia in Milan, the Antwerp railway station, the buildings of the Dutch embassies are all extrovert buildings. The first was used by Renzo Piano to experiment with turning the structure inside out as a preparation for the Pompidou Centre, the second aimed to proclaim the wealth of Leopold II and Belgium, while the carefully designed embassies wanted to embody the attitude and architecture of the Netherlands in foreign countries. But after a while, all buildings start to live their own lives, due to their interactions with the employees, the travelers, and the locals. These three films tries to map these connections, either through the eyes of the company workers, or by exploring their political backgrounds, or being inspired by literary references.

Living Architecures: Inside Renzo Piano (Ila Beka, Louise Lemoine) – 31st March, 17:30
Mission Statements (Jord den Hollander) – 31st March, 19:00
Antwerp Central (Peter Kruger) – 31st March, 19:00

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Application from 22nd March: www.kek.org.hu/varosisetak