Post cities

Critical situations?in the settlement, in the flat, in the metropolis; on a Caspian oil platform, in the kommunalkas of Saint Petersburg, and on the streets of Detroit. These three levels also correspond with the domains of the secret, the private and the public. Just like the hellish Russian communal apartment, the kommunalka; the once closely guarded Azerbaijani settlement of oil workers is the heritage of the USSR. Now, for the first time, we can get an insight into the history of its founding, decline and unexpected revival, due to the skyrocketing oil prices. This factor, however, on the other side of the world, played a major role in the collapse of the Detroit motor industry, calling for a movie that would literally project the city?s roaring past onto its troubled present.

Oil Rocks, A City Above The Sea (Marc Wolfensberger) – 1st Aprli, 17:00
Requiem for Detroit? (Julien Temple) – 1st Aprli, 17:00
Kommunalka (Francoise Huguier) – 1st Aprli, 17:00