Requiem for Detroit?

2010, 60 mins, colour, English film with Hungarian subtitles
D: Julien Temple

Powered by extraordinary archive vivid projections of the city’s heyday on it’s now abandoned buildings, and the irrepressible music that continues to come out of Detroit, from ragtime and rap to techno, the documentary charts the rise and fall of the Big Three, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, and the impact the decline of these giants has had on the city. Detroit was at the forefront of the American dream of the 20th Century. But the 21st century has seen the American dream, powered by the Big Three, slide into a nightmare for Detroit. Requiem for Detroit? includes interviews with the people living amongst the deserted auto plants, closed schools and failing infrastructure, as well as those who are based in the consumer utopia of the suburbs.

1st April 17:00