July 10, Bratislava

Central European Architecture Film Exchange – the Bratislava edition
July 10, 19.30
KC Dunaj, Nedbalova 3, Bratislava

The Bratislava edition of the Central European Architecture Film Exchange reveals the overlapping layers of contemporary post-socialist cities. The selected films help us understand the background factors of the present urban situation and understand how this situation evolved. The presented films share an important characteristic: neighborhoods and buildings are both presented by them from their users’ viewpoint. They capture fragments from the buildings’ lives, starting from their creation to their decline or present. The films, by penetrating the buildings in uncommon ways, offer an insight to architecture’s human dimension.

Balázs Irimiás, Tibor Gulyás: Mobility (Budapest, 2003, 5´)
Petra Pelsőczy: A Place to Win (Budapest, 2011, 38?)
Barbara Zavarská, Aleš Šedivec: The Slovakian Broadcasting building (Bratislava, 2010, 5?)
Juraj Chlpik: Petržalka Identity (Bratislava, 2010, 25?)
Łukasz Skąpski: Guide to Cracow (Cracow, 2005, 18?)
Olga Matuszewska: The Modernist Kindergarten (Warsaw, 2012, 10´)